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The overarching aim of ISV is to create artists of the highest caliber and to do so by providing a space for the entire arc of the artist’s path. A space where the younger voice artist is nurtured from beginning to professional career, and beyond, in order to continue the legacy of the Italian Lyric style of singing in opera, art song, and concert works.


ISV is centered around our Principal Artist program. The ISV Principal Artists are chosen not just for their vocal talent, but for their character and unique expressive artistry in their work. We are passionate about bringing each artist through the discipline of the technique of the mind, body, and voice, so that they may intelligently access their ‘artist mind,’ which is where the true gift of singing is located.


The ISV Principal Artists work in person with the directors of ISV, Elizabeth De Trejo and Mauricio Trejo, during the fall and winter/spring seasons in New York City. The illustrious ISV faculty is currently, in-person, and online, as our colleagues are not only in NYC, but wherever great music is being made.


We and are excited to announce collaborations to produce our first fully staged opera with orchestra with the European Music Institute Vienna in the summer of 2022.


At present, ISV is growing rapidly as our work is rapidly creating results for those artists looking to understand their instruments, what technique is, and how to convert it into artful singing. It has moved us to acknowledge that a project of this scope is demanding a home. Therefore, one of our priorities is to have a solid and steady space in which to house the majority of the work, to be able to completely support the singing artists’ studies and efforts, and to consummate the profound joy in the virtuosity of the human voice.

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The ability to curate your vocal art with plasticity. Resilient, yet fluid, it is imperative, in the use of the voice as an instrument, to obtain a technique that gives you the ability to be malleable. You always want to be able to move with inspiration and deftness, and to not be restrained by technical shortcomings, vocal and corporal tensions, and emotional hindrances.


Talent is the facility, the natural possession of a gift for singing and for creating art with your voice and is a prerequisite, but Talent can be much more than just aptitude. Where will you allow it to lead you? What will you discover and  how far will you bring your gift?




and Discipline give way to the complete freedom of the artist mind and the creative flow. In order to achieve the Elasticity, you have to have a determined spirit and the willingness to stay focused on the work. Doing the work and building a technique is exactly how you gain control of the body and build a structure that produces the same result each time you sing, giving you the ability to trust yourself deeply, so that you may take the exciting and necessary risk in the journey of artistic expression.

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European Music Institute Vienna

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